“Why Him Ignores You?”

Tonight I will post about the relationship problems. It might not be nice, but there are some reasons he ignores you. If you’re finding that your boyfriend is ignoring you, what do you think are some of the reasons? scroll down and check it!

  1. You’re Always around

    A guy likes to be able to miss the girl he’s with. If you are always around, it could be one of the reasons he ignores you. Truthfully, you want to make sure that you leave a little mystery to your relationship. If you don’t live with your man, make sure that you let him plan a night out with the boys while you go out with the girls.

  2. Stress

    Sometimes, when a guy gets completely and totally stressed out, it could be one of the reasons he ignores you. It could be his way of dealing with the stress. Or at the very least, it could be his way of ensuring that he isn’t going to drive you away, push you away or snap at you.

  3. He’s Feeling Pressured

    Have you been with your boyfriend for a while and you’re still waiting on a ring? Or what if you’ve been dying to move in together but haven’t yet? If a guy feels pressured, it could absolutely be one of the reasons he ignores you. The best remedy for this is to make sure that you just calm down. Don’t pressure him for a ring or moving in – if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen!

  4. Constant Nagging

    When a guy feels like he is constantly being nagged about chores, being nagged about his job and being nagged about – well, everything, it might cause him to shut down. One remedy for this is just to chill out a bit. Change your nagging into soft little reminders and maybe space them all out.

  5. Changed Feelings

    Sometimes, when you are in a relationship, the guy you are dating might have his feelings changed. Instead of breaking up with you, he could just draw away and start to ignore you. If you feel that he is ignoring you, you might want to talk to him about it. This definitely isn’t something that you want to just sit on ladies.

  6. You’re Too Clingy

    If you are constantly clinging onto your man and constantly dependent on him, he might start to resent that. Most men are attracted to not only confidence but also a woman that is independent. If you notice that your man is ignoring you, one of the reasons he might ignore you is because of the fact that you are clinging to him a little too much!

  7. Insecure

    Insecurity is something that affects every single woman, however, did you know that it affects men too? If a man is really insecure and you keep pressing his buttons, it might be one of the reasons he ignores you. So ladies, lay off your guy, you might see a huge difference in his attitude!

  8. Too Young

    Finally, if you notice that your man is ignoring you, it could be because he is too young. Age does make a difference and sometimes, if a guy is too young, he is also immature, which means that he might not understand exactly what it means to have a girlfriend and how to treat a girl.

So ladies, now that you understand some of the reasons he ignores you, make sure that you take notice of them.

source: http://love.allwomenstalk.com


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